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    An auto precision machinery processing factory of enlightenment

    by:TST     2020-05-18
    Take over losses from 28 years ago a precision mechanical processing plant - — 'Baoding lr', to now lead the market value of more than billions of listed companies in the field of automobile mechanical parts processing, the Great Wall automobile factory that 30 years of development, can be said to be China an epitome of the development of precision machinery parts processing industry. From an unknown precision machinery processing plants grow into a world-class enterprise, its spirit also represents the Chinese generation after generation of mechanical parts processing industry people pursuit of the tireless efforts of upward. As the Great Wall, geely, changan, such as the rise of China's car companies, China mechanical parts processing and manufacturing already torn low-cost low-quality labels. China precision machinery processing factory products, not just in the Chinese market, even the overseas market is also a good news, particularly in the field of automobile. Such as the Great Wall pickup already all over the world, to become the world's first brand of pickup. Geely has also broadened belarus, Malaysia and other international markets, won the foreign media in China high recognition of mechanical parts processing and manufacturing products. Undeniably, the car in the field of mechanical parts processing has made great progress, and in the fields such as electric and smart + connected in the forefront of the world. The leading mechanical parts processing up in China, many brands have made a example to peer out of the world. And who can conclude that China's mechanical cnc parts processing brand will not in one day, after to Japan, Germany, the competition on the same stage? The world under the rules of competition, and ultimately rely on only technological competition, only technological progress can bring real benefits. Advanced technology of Chinese mechanical parts processing industry is still a long way to go. Of precision machinery processing plants we need not come with prejudice and 'subversive,' but with the fear of, really bring mutual complementary, bring new atmosphere 'brigades'!
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