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TST is a metal & plastic components manufacturing company, also providing quick-turn professional manufacturing feasibility analysis and design suggestions for free.

Design analysis
површинска обработка
Sample machining
по продажба
TST Industrial Co., Ltd

With precision mechanical equipments and principle of cost controlling and budgeting, have been delivering competitive price and best quality goods to customers. Our products are mainly used for semiconductor equipments, automation equipments, medical devices, IT communications, Automotive, industrial machinery, die & mould and components for lighting and etc.

With over 13 years of technical experience and strong quality and customer service awareness, we have won more and more trust from customers.

Опремата за производство
Име на опрематаспецификацијаПрецизностКвантитет
ЦЦЦ 3 оскиV6L/V7L/V8L0.005mm3 Постави
ЦЦЦ 3 оскиVH-8550.005mm2 Постави
ЦЦЦ 3 оскиV11L-HS0.005mm1 Постави
ЦЦЦ 4 оскиV8LHS0.005mm2 Постави
Turning & milling compoundIW-430.01mm2 Постави
ЦПУ машина за стругSK66Q0.005mm2 Постави
Machining center30000.01mm1 Постави
Automatic grinding machine6000.005mm1 Постави
мелење машина3000.005mm2 Постави
Фреза машина8000.02mm2 Постави
Wire cut machine3500.02mm1 Постави
Engraving machine600/1 Постави
Tooth tapping machineZH-D201/2 Постави
Опрема за мерење
Име на опремата спецификацијаПрецизностКвантитет
Coordinate Measure Machine600 * 600 * 4000.0011 Постави
Мерач на висина1000 * 6000.0011 Постави
микрометар0.0010.0013 Постави
Pin Gauge0.5 30 ~0.011 Постави
Block Gauge0.1 20 ~0.011 Постави
Dial Caliper0.02 600 ~0.0212 Постави
Thread GaugeСекаков вид/1 Set for each

Multifarious Manufacturing Service

главни пазари

главни пазариВкупниот приход(%)Главен производ (и)
Европа47%CNC Parts, Laser cutting & Folding, plasctic injection.
Северна Америка32%CNC Parts, Laser cutting & Folding, plasctic injection.
Југоисточна Азија13%CNC Parts, Laser cutting & Folding, plasctic injection.
други8%CNC Parts, Laser cutting & Folding, plasctic injection.

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