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    Strict control of surface roughness, guarantee the performance of precision parts TST company

    by:TST     2020-05-18
    Surface roughness is refers to the fine pitch on the surface of the workpiece and the error caused by the peak valley micro geometry. In order to produce a smooth surface precision surface, surface roughness must be strictly controlled in the process of precision cnc machining services. The surface roughness affect the performance of precision parts already exist. Below, changzhou large taper line cutting for you analyze the effect of surface roughness on the properties of precision parts. Abrasion: if parts of the surface roughness is larger, the area of effective contact with other cnc parts is smaller, the frictional resistance. The bigger the At this point, the parts wear faster and faster, difficult to guarantee the life meet production requirement. Corrosion resistance: as the rough surface parts, corrosion pits on the surface of the material may step in. After long-term accumulation, will gradually penetrate into the inner layer of the parts, lead to surface rust, affect the normal work. Coordinate stability: under the influence of friction, and, because of the large roughness of working parts will gradually wear, loose parts, affect stability. Accuracy of measurement: due to the production and processing of precision parts, precision cnc machining services company will measure precision. At this point, the roughness will directly affect the accuracy of measurement. Briefly describe some of the above the surface roughness affect the performance of precision parts. In order to guarantee the quality of the customer, our machinery processing industry can be set as much as possible in the process of parts processing components of the surface roughness. The reasonable scope, reduce wear and prolong the service life of parts.
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