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    Strictly confidential CNC machinery parts processing factory

    by:TST     2020-05-18
    Intellectual property rights to the product research and development enterprise is so important! Our CNC machinery parts processing and product research and development enterprise cooperation, often the most can understand the responsibility of the protection of intellectual property rights for the customer. Many enterprises in the development of a new product, the product design is completed, looking for a CNC machinery parts processing factory, according to the product drawings to make a model to see the effect first, check whether the design of the product has the feasibility. But the product is not listed, can't let design drawings into the market, so the upfront costs of the company. So all the product research and development of the customer, are more concerned about confidentiality issues, afraid of in the process of CNC machinery parts processing, product drawings was leaked out, many customers will consider to choose a confidential strict CNC machinery parts processing factory cooperation. At present most of the CNC machine parts factory confidentiality measures, it is still stay on phase of only sign a confidentiality agreement, and no other security measures follow up. Changes in the market, customer demand is also changing, security measures must keep pace with The Times. If you choose to cooperate with shenzhen, there is another, is a secret software, all computers are equipped with security software, need to open after general manager authorized to decrypt. Is got the drawings, on the other computer is garbled! If you need to do non-standard processing, aluminum processing, aluminum, stainless steel processing, precision lathe cnc machining services, sheet metal processing, CNC machinery cnc parts processing factory looking for secret strictly, can choose to shenzhen, more than 10 years working experience on mechanical parts processing, dozens of sets of CNC machining equipment, processing, 24 hours delivery one to two weeks for shipment, the quality is about 30% higher than peers.
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